Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still time to weigh in on predator control in wilderness areas

The U.S. Forest Service proposes to begin shooting wolves, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, and mountain lions from helicopters. The Forest Service also wants the freedom to bury sodium-cyanide traps in wilderness areas, targeting the same animals. If you believe that Forest Service wilderness areas should be free of such things, send a note to the Forest Service telling them so. Even a short note opposing the new plan will help make a difference in stopping this awful plan. Include your name and a mailing address. Email your comments to

You can get more information about the Forest Service's new plans on the Center for Biological Diversity's website here.


James Barnes said...

I'm curious about following the money. Is there any way to track where this sort of admnistrative rule change comes from--who proposed it, who is carrying water for it etc.? At least with legislation there is a representative of a particular constituency with a list of campaign contributors. There must be people and organizations behind this.

Demarcated Landscapes said...

There is no obligation on the part of the agencies to give an honest account of how or why they decide to implement a rule change. They are obligated to meet a very low standard of plausibility, but that standard is actually below the laugh-test.

Most believe this rule change came about when the agency realized it could not land helicopters in the River Of No Return Wilderness area in Idaho for the purpose of radio-collaring wolves.