Thursday, November 02, 2006

Center for Biological Diversity: Bush administration stalling on releasing climate reports

“As the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases and a non-party to the Kyoto Protocol, you would think that the U.S. could at least meet its modest commitment to issue a timely Climate Action Report,” stated Julie Teel, a staff attorney in the Center for Biological Diversity’s Climate, Air and Energy Program.

Or you might think that if you thought the people in charge of our government (awesome, highly recommended article on cared about the health of the planet as much as they care about pleasing their corporate sponsors. When you have a government that is literally run by industry representatives, it's harder to expect a committment to things like democratic principles or the well-being of the sovereign's subjects.

Center for Biological Diversity's press release is here.

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Alan Gregory said...

New research out today. Here's the link:
The Associated Press carried an article about this on the national wire today.
Polar bears already losing ground. Tundra-nesting migratory birds will likely fare poorly as trees push northward.