Thursday, February 22, 2007

Global Warming: Opportunities for Forestry

The global warming bandwagon is large and comfortable, and has room for all our friends in industry and public lands management. Since consensus that anthropogenic climate change may really be happening has belatedly enveloped even the Bush administration, forward-thinking leaders should regard predictions of warming as opportunities to be harvested.

At a conference in mid February (see article here), some 300 “managers, scientists, students, policy makers and conservationists” met to discuss the findings within a new publication by the Oregon Forest Resources Institute in partnership with Oregon State University’s College of Forestry and the Oregon Department of Forestry. The book is called “Forests, Carbon and Climate Change: A Synthesis of Science Findings.” To order the book click here, or for PDF click here.

Here are some of the book and conference recommendations below:

• reducing forest densities to keep trees
healthy and minimize the risk of stand
replacing fires and insect problems

• keeping forestland in forest use (this means
ensuring that private forestlands can be
managed profitably as forests);

• afforesting former forestlands that have been
converted to non-forest uses and reforesting
quickly and aggressively after harvest or
natural disturbance;

• using wood products and energy generated
from wood in lieu of using fossil fuel-intensive
products such as steel and concrete
and energy generated from fossil fuels; and

• changing forest management strategies to
sequester carbon through thinning, increasing
rotation lengths and other techniques
can provide forest landowners an opportunity
to profit from the sale of carbon offsets.


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Anonymous said...

Wow, once again, it turns out that the solution to perceived forest health problems is logging. How much more convenient -- or flagrantly obvious -- can it get?

-Los Farallones