Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Grand Canyon Skywalk: Former park superintendent says it desecrates nature

Whitey gets to ride his boats, fly his helicopters, drive his cars, and perch his posh lodges on the edge of the Grand Canyon, but when the locals (as in local for thousands and thousands of years) want to build a seventy-foot viewing platform everybody starts off on the rhapsodies about the grandeur of the wilderness and its incomprehensible desecration by Native Americans.

On the Hualapai Tribe's plans to construct a glass viewing platform that juts seventy feet into the Canyon, a former superintendent of Grand Canyon National Park says "It's the equivalent of an upscale carnival ride. Why would they desecrate this place with this?"

Well, why not? The rest of the place is crawling with hotels, parking lots, helicopter pads, motor boats, and landing strips.

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Tara Ferma said...

O, white people have much better ideas about how to get close to nature.

Like the proposal of some years ago--which the Forest Service spent hundreds of thousands of dollars analyzing--for a land exchange that would facilitate a condo-hotel- retail-"interpretive" development in Tusayan, a stone's throw away from the Grand Canyon. This planned development, Canyon Forest Village, included "Insight"--an hilariously un-tasteful "interpretive concept" akin to IMAX, sort of.

Visitors to (or near) the Grand Canyon disinclined to expose themselves to, like, sun or wind or dirt or anything, could instead experience a wild river ride on boats set up indoors like a ride at the fair (complete with water splashing on you--but probably really clean water) and could feel the heat and adventure of a hike in the Canyon on STAIRMASTERS.

And then go shopping.

This awful thing fell through, fortunately. The voters of Coconino County, some of them white, even, showed really good taste by overwhelmingly voting down a rezone that would have made the development possible.