Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More from the Mike Dubrasich mailbag

Mike Dubrasich over at www.sosforests.com has apparently (if you are naive enough to believe him) followed through on his bizarre threat to get your author fired. (See January 29 post, below). He has evidently sent letters to various officials that detail the "criminal offenses" of this website and he claims to have discovered Zadig's employer and boss, and contacted him as well as the F.B.I.. A recent Dubrasich missive ran thus:

"You work for me; I don't work for you.

I pay your salary; you do not pay mine.

You are a public servant; I am the public. Get it? You servant, me master.

I no longer tolerate eco-terrorists in my employ. I am going to monkey wrench you off the dole and out of the trough.

You think you have a right to your job, and can behave in any which way since you were hired? Think again, bozo."

His message before that one starts by describing his letter to Zadig's boss and then moves quickly into his master/servant theme. He wrote:

Fri, 02 Feb 2007 14:01:19 -0800
To: demarcatedlandscapes@yahoo.com
From: "Mike D"
Subject: Ready to cut a deal?

"It's a fairly lengthy letter, detailing your offenses. Reads like a
lawyer wrote it. I have an attorney, by the way, who loves this kind of thing.

If I send the letter out, it will cause you grief. You may very well
lose your job, and indeed your entire career. Even under the best of
scenarios, your job and career will be severely damaged.

However, I am willing to forestall mailing the letter, under certain
conditions. Those are that you agree to learn ten lessons that I will
teach you, and that you will demonstrate your acquisition of the
lessons through the performance of certain tasks that I will assign you.

Your first lesson is this: Understand the power I now hold over your
life, to ruin your job and career.

Your first task is to write me a nice email expressing your
understanding of that lesson and your willingness to learn nine more
lessons rather than undergo the troubles I could put you through."


Dubrasich's last message was short. It said: "I forbid your use of my words in any public venue at any time." Mike Dubrasich wants to be able to threaten people's jobs in secret, it seems, but I am not inclined to honor that request.



Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. Enjoy the blog.

That SOS Forests guy is a real gem. I commented on one of his absurd postings related to global warming and he sent me back a real nasty email. The only thing more entertaining than a kook is a kook with a lot of time on their hands.

Please keep posting his ranting and ravings . . . they are quite enlightening.

Anonymous said...

Do any of the "lessons" involve spanking? I smell the rich aroma of homoerotic S&M

Anonymous said...

humility and reality are catalytic
avoidance serves you naught
talk to the man !!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I was doing some research on W.I.S.E. as some of their "white papers" appeared in a newsletter I subscribe to. I am sad that this level of ideological warfare is going on for a few f***ing $$$. Mr. Dubrasich seems to have quite the record behind him of threatening people who don't agree with him. Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

I guess the word "extortion" never crossed his path.