Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Must-Read on the Green Mythology-of-the-day

Jeffrey St. Clair again, this time with a compact review of Al Gore's environmental history over at Counterpunch.

I hate to say it because I've admired Gore's efforts on global warming, and I believe they are genuine and historic. But everything St. Clair says is true. I was there.


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jersu said...

Good article. I know there are some working really hard to discredit Al Gore these days. Within hours of his Academy Award, some right-wing think tank released the details of Gore's energy consumption at his Tennessee mansion -- in short, he's using more energy today than when he started his speaking tour. I don't necessarily have a problem with this apparent hypocrisy, but I think Gore should address it. After all, he's no saint, he's a politician!

This is not to say that his past environmental actions (as detailed in the article) as VP are not awful, or perhaps even inexcusable. But Gore has chosen to appoint himself the global messenger for the effects of man-made warming. And while we can perhaps hold him partially liable for our current condition, the arguments he makes with his movie/speaking tour should not be equally discounted.