Thursday, April 26, 2007

Correction: The Wilderness Society does support the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act

Chris Mehl of The Wilderness Society has protested yesterday's post about the Northern Rockies Protection Act, or NREPA. He says his statement to the press was not intended to convey the message that TWS does not support NREPA, and that our title yesterday was misleading because it suggested that TWS and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition had formally "joined" with Western legislators and the Blue Ribbon Coalition to oppose the bill, which is untrue.

He also said: "Of course we support the bill."

All of us at Demarcated Landscapes express our regrets.

(But we want to add: it would be nice if TWS would have just said that in the first place. The first place being, when they spoke to a reporter who wrote a story about the lack of support among environmental organizations for NREPA, to which Mr. Mehl supplied a quote critical of the bill. An email exchange we have obtained from a list-serve, read chronologically, seems to show TWS only coming kicking and screaming to an acknowledgment of support for the bill, though a later statement by Mr. Mehl says it should have been obvious all along.)

Anyway, welcome aboard TWS! The NREPA may seem pie-in-the-sky right now, but so did the Wilderness Act itself, and so did the efforts to keep dams out of the Grand Canyon, and the ultimate preservation of countless National Parks, and more recently the Roadless Rule.


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Anonymous said...

Again, if you had checked with me first none of this would have happened as I would have been happy to relate my full conversation with the reporter rather than the single quote he used.