Saturday, April 21, 2007

Intruder! Intruder!

Well, folks, if you were planning on a fine backcountry experience in Arizona's borderlands, you better bring your earplugs. Boeing is going ahead with the massive "Project 28," a systematic way to ruin the lands of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge, Coronado National Forest, and the Tohono O'odham Nation. We don't claim to know that the O'odham think of the project, but apparently, Boeing doesn't care what Americans think of six of these towers going on public lands: They gave the public all of four days to comment, starting on a Saturday, with the only copies of the plan available for viewing in remote outposts in small Arizona towns. We may not live within earshot of the towers, but the sounds of this project are making our ears burn just the same.

This is all part of the creepy SBInet that funnels money ($20 Million for the first phase)to Boeing to keep the war economy rolling along, rolling right through Pima pineapple cactus habitat, jaguar corridors, and cultural sites. Not to mention any other impacts what 30 foot towers, trailers, 24 hour propane generators, 1500 square foot fenced areas, and 100db to 130db sirens going off if an intruder gets in might have in these remote areas. I suppose we're supposed to be happy for anything short of a double-layered fence with stadium lighting or a 96 mile barbed-wire barricade.

The deal is this: if anyone complains too much about the ecological impacts, they will exempt the project under Real ID. If we don't, we're complicit in more environmental devastation. Either way, we're beating our heads against the wall. So to speak.

- Lozen

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Mike said...

I like your enthusiasm. I must however make a few points.

1. You state the ecological effects of having these towers is of great concern. What about the ecological disaster that is happening because of all of the trash thrown about in the fragile desert. And all of the people mowing down delicate landscaping.

2. The towers speakers are NOT sirens. They are loud speakers that only transmit information to people from a command center when someone there turns it on to communicate to the intruder around the tower.

There are many misconceptions being thrown around about the SBINET and the towers. I understand the great concern people have and do agree with some of it. As a person that lives in the "Border area" that these systems will be placed I have mixed feelings. Sure, the towers will be an eye sore. So are all of the cell phone towers popping up. I have to hope though, that this program will be better for the environment in the long term. The traffic coming through our area is unnacceptable. Just in the last month I have had to take 4 truckloads of trash off my property because of this invasion. Where I once had pristine desert landscape and fauna is now a wasteland. I would rather see the tower in my yard than another (yes another) animal on my property dead with garbage around its neck or stuck in its throat.