Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jeffrey St. Clair, Point Nine: The environmental movement is dead.

From Counterpunch:

9. The environmental movement is dead. (DOA: April 2, 1993.) It is a co-opted exoskeleton of its former self, largely controlled by cautious politicos and neoliberal hacks like Gore, who suckle from grants doled out from oil industry seeded foundations (such as Pew, W. Alton Jones and Rockefeller), and who advance free-market incentives over regulation, lobbying and public relations over real mass movements and direct action.

True? False? Maybe?



Tara Ferma said...

In a sense, I agree with St. Clair about the movement being dead--and he has written more honestly and scathingly about the big, corporatized, mainstream non-profits than pretty much anyone. On the other hand, there is still a strong grassroots stratum (not sure what movement means anymore) that is doing honest, principled work, whether ad hoc or organized and funded.

What the Chuck said...

Expectations--too great.

Plus, Jeff St. Clair is someone who REALLY would like to put a bunch of people up against the wall, and feel the joyful lethality of a trigger click.