Monday, July 30, 2007

Idaho Governor Butch Otter: We don't call it logging anymore, we call it cleaning. And "grazing" is henceforth to be known as "fuel removal."

Here's a sweet YouTube video courtesy of Western Watersheds Project that shows Idaho Senator Larry Craig helping out Idaho Governor Butch Otter in describing what it is that has lain waste to so much of that formerly-forested mountain state since they can't bring themselves to call it "logging." (satellite image of a portion of Idaho's Payette National Forest, recently selected to sell carbon credits to the public., and yes those are clearcuts.)

The sage land managers in this video then conclude by announcing that grazing will now be called "fuel removal." Good grief.


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What the Chuck said...

Hi Z,

It's kind of the same with my vocabulary, too.

I used to just call them 'stupid' idiots.

Now I call them 'booger-eatin' idiots.

Times, they change. Picking up different descriptors seems important.