Thursday, August 16, 2007

And they wear big, fat belt buckles, too

Well, now.

DL just had to share the following article from yesterday’s Salt Lake Tribune, which purports to be delivering news about “green ranching,” but which is really just another paean to the cowboy myth, replete with terse, he-man syntax and cool stuff like a ranch called Two Mile.

"Where the grass is greener"

Reader, search deeply your soul and see if there isn’t a little worm of cowboy worship wriggling around in there as you read about how, yep, to git a Pee-Aitch-Dee in Cow, ya gotta be out there workin the land fer forty year.

It’s a lingering disease—many of the people in the West who aren’t cowboys, and that would be 99.9999 percent, deep down in their souls, kind of wish they were. That’s how insidious and how deeply carved into our land-destroying western soul this myth really is.

The ranch manager who runs the place for the presumably pansy-ass enviros who own it is at pains to let us know he doesn’t wear Birks and he doesn’t read poetry. Phew.

To cleanse thyself, take a look at this fragment of a classic piece by the late Ed Abbey about what cowboys really do and what cows have really done to the West.


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Anonymous said...

Oh my God I had forgotten how good that article is! Thanks for tracking it down. And hmmmm, Abbey's comments on what he would do if he acquired a ranch like what the Trust has requires some consideration. Especially the part about stocking the tanks with crocodiles.