Friday, August 24, 2007

Anybody else feel a new round of Healthy Forest's Restoration Acts coming on?

Boise's daily is proclaiming that the West's wildfires have caught national attention and suggests more logging as the answer to the forest fire problem, "instead of wasting useful fuel."

The paper calls for this action in the name of curbing global warming, and suggests that western governors and Secretary of Interior Dirk Kempthorne join forces to increase the Forest Service's logging budget.

I sense trouble ahead for those of us who do not believe industrial forestry holds the solution to our loss of forest habitat.


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be said...

oh yes, craig's promised to ride something on the fall appropriation. it'll be interesting to see what they can get to bypass environmental regulation... loosened "stewardship" contracting?

the bottom line is that this administration has left agencies with bountiful mechanisms to throw industry a bone in "healthy forest initiative" ~ but next to no funding for the ecological restoration of meaningful wildlife habitat ~ we're already seeing the 'fuel' scare in the media and from the politicians... these altered ecosystems are leaving ample opportunity for a robust fire-industrial complex...