Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bureau of Land Management finds enslaved Peruvian Sheepherders starving to death in Idaho -- True? False? Maybe?

I just found this from a three-month old Sacramento Bee article on slavery in the U.S. It has one sentence that caught my eye:

"In Idaho, Bureau of Land Management agents found sheepherders from Peru starving to death, Bell said."

Anybody know about this? Did I just miss it somehow?


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be said...

i don't know about this in particular ~ but it doesn't sound too off..

there was a 5 minute radio program that diane josephy peavey does every week. it's that romanticized rancher with the whisping willows in the wind BS... this week, she spoke about a forest fire and driving up through it to her herder from peru who was clueless that the fire was even happening.

they let him know (kinda, she mentioned the translation was iffy) to herd the sheep and wait on the rocks if the fire came.

she pats herself on the back as they pulled out, they sure were nice to brave the smoke to let him know - leaving the sheepherder next to an out of control wildfire.

this was on NPR in the romanticized BS tone that we hear all the time.

it never occurred to her that maybe that guy should've been in that car with her bailing out of the wildfire. it never occurred to her that the second-class folk who do all the work for chump change for most of these livestock producers may be more valuable than the livestock...

i'll post the podcast when it happens...