Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Don't that just say it all....

The Sierra Vista Herald (AZ) is reporting that on Senator Jon Kyl's recent trip to this military town, he met with local Republicans and the Upper San Pedro River Partnership. He was whining about the sad state of affairs for his pathetic party, promising to fund border infrastructure, and listening to the Upper San Pedro River Partnership beg for money to save the San Pedro.

Got that?

The Upper San Pedro River Partnership has been more than useless in actually protecting the River. This team has done nothing but watch the water table drop in the years that it has been sucking resources from the community and studying- endlessly studying- the threats.

Now these hacks are asking Jon Kyl to help them fund more studies to save the same river that crosses the same border that Jon Kyl is "securing." The upper reaches of the San Pedro River in the U.S. will be effectively destroyed by the pedestrian "fence" that the BLM just approved under the gun of the Secure Fence Act.

When the San Pedro section was added to a wall proposal a few years back, Kyl was reluctantly persuaded to alter the plan in order to save the riparian corridor. But what has he done for you lately?

- Lozen

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