Saturday, September 08, 2007

Goodbye, Jaguar.

Thanks US Fish and Wildlife Service, for your generous reading of the Endangered Species Act that allows you to feel guilt-free about walling jaguars out of the United States permanently. The recent biological opinion that you signed to wall the San Pedro Riparian National Conservation Area and the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge - two of the few known corridors for the species - will surely mean that you have to consult less on this species in the future- BECAUSE THERE WILL BE NO MORE JAGUARS IN THE UNITED STATES!
The fence will block jaguar movements across the border in the areas it is constructed, as jaguars are unlikely to jump over the 15 to 18-foot fence; and because the fence will be impermeable to humans, jaguars will also be prevented from going through the fence. There are not likely to be any gaps in the fence.
Unlikely to jump, eh? Yeah, wrong species.
If you have questions regarding this Biological Opinion, please call Doug Duncan (520) 670-6150 (x236) or Sherry Barrett (520) 670-6150 (x223) of my staff. Please refer to the consultation number 22410-2007-F-0416 in future correspondence concerning this project.
Luckily, there are a whole lot of cactus ferruginous pygmy-owls in Mexico for the jaguar to snack on, right guys?


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