Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oops, picked up Range Magazine by mistake

WTF? The recent edition of Desert Report from the Sierra Club contains an article by a rancher extolling the virtues of desert livestock grazing. It's called "Grazing: The Essential Management Tool."

Predictably, the article begins with a pastoral description of a "crisp February morning" and the sweeping views out the ranch house windows, along with (really!) a paean to the "custom and culture" of the cowboy industry. The article ends with the statement that "there exists no good substitute for properly-managed grazing in stimulating and maintaining plant health and vigor for the good of all users, be they human, animal or insect."

I am at a complete loss, and sit here stupefied.



begreen said...

ranchers see that the trend is shifting - politically, socially, economically, legally. WWP just picked up a Summary Judgement on pygmy rabbits - from a less-than-sympathetic judge no-less... widespread implications... hopefully the sage grouse litigation (decision should be by end of month) will prove fruitful for the restoration of the American West as well. Lots of effectiveness on this front from lots of good groups.

"Wide Stance" Craig is ominously white-knuckling his porceline throne in the Senate, hoping to squeeze off one last rider for his good ol' boy millionaire buddies back home to tap-dance to.

Sierra Club conspicuously ommitted livestock grazing from it's national economic assesment report - assessing the economic benefits of recreation over logging, mining, and oil earlier this year - but not mentioning livestock grazing --- which is drainging millions upon millions from the treasury every year in the form of subsidies and management. all to denude your land and wildlife.

it's testimony to the integrity and volition of the organizations. how deep does that green-conscience run? i dunno - i guess folk will have to decide for themselves ~ it's unfortunate though

the platform that these nationals (tnc & sierra club) have to educate people about less than immediately apparent environmental abuses that have widespread consequences on wildlife values that they claim to cherish when they ask for that check, one would think would compel them to recognize a responsibility given their exposure --- platforms to educate --- rather than capitulate.

it's really in the hands of locals and regionals. always has been - and the local and regional groups are as effective as the nationals are recognized. i suppose if given the choice - they'd rather have it that way then flipped - as i would contend is the case for these nationals (flipped that is).

WTF ! is right. F--- 'em...

What the Chuck said...

Hi Z,

I suspect this has something to do with coal-bed methane alliances.

I think you should write a letter that ends with

"There exists no good substitute for a properly-managed enema in stimulating and maintaining the mental health and vigor for the good of all pro-grazing advocates, be they human, animal or insect."