Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is so goddamn scary

According to the National Snow and Ice Data Center, the average low for arctic ice between 1979 and 2000 is approximately 6.8 million square kilometers.

Last year, though, a record low aerial extent of ice demolished previous records with an area of just 5.3 million square kilometers. That record was set at the traditional low point of arctic sea ice on September 20.

This year we hit the 5.3 million mark on the 17th of August.

Currently arctic sea ice is at 4.2 million square kilometers. That's about forty percent off the average, with time to go for more melting to occur, and little hope that winter will make up the difference.

All that arctic ice, previously reflecting sunlight, now a heat-absorbing ocean.

Meanwhile, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ever a decade behind the times, announced last week that it predicts sea ice to fall by more than forty percent by 2050. Good guess, NOAA! They came to this conclusion by reviewing data that is from as recently as 1999. As always, you be the judge.
--Zadig, sorry again for a post about global warming that has nothing to do with American public lands.


jersu said...

There is a definite connection between public lands and global warming. It may be the only thing we talk about in the coming decades. No need to apologize for bringing this story to our attention. Thanks.

begreen said...

indeed ~ fire, water shortage, desertification, exotic incursion, etc...

Matt said...

If it makes you feel any better...in the very same report about record minimum ARCTIC sea ice, there also was news of record MAXIMUM ANTARCTIC sea ice - no kidding! Link's here if you're interested...http://www.mattnoyes.net/matt_noyes_weather_blog/2007/09/as-record-minim.html

What the Chuck said...

Hi Z,

Honestly, I don't understand why you're so worried. This development will certainly make possible MORE shoreline up there in the Arctic Circle. And with more shoreline, then there will be MORE beachfront property. And with MORE beachfront property, then ordinary, everyday Americans will have more OPPORTUNITIES to own a beachfront estate. And then there will be more OPPORTUNITIES for cheap flights to north of the Arctic Circle for folks like us!

And if we introduce penguins up there, then there will be MORE opportunities for us to laugh! Which should cure any worries about melting polar ice! Because Reader's Digest has said for the last 100 years that LAUGHTER is the best medicine!

Isn't it just amazing how trickle-down economics will take advantage of EVERY opportunity and provide for everyone?!

Why, it's just amazing! You don't need to worry!