Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goddamnning him was too kind

I'm choking on the name "Chertoff" as I write this- we need to name him "Jerkoff" or "Buzzoff" or "Bastard" or something "Betray-us"-esque. He really screwed us on the San Pedro wall this week.

A couple of links:
Chertoff-”!*$@ Off” to Environmentalists (Environmental Graffiti)
Fence on U.S.-Mexican border paves over environmental regulations (SPI)

And two great quotes from the AZ Daily Star piece on the story:
"I'm hoping that people will start opening their eyes to exactly what is going on here," Sullivan said. "This is a national issue concerning our entire border and many different ecosystems that are being cut in half. I don't know if I can convey how disappointing this is for this area."

Rep. Raúl Grijalva, D-Ariz., who has sponsored a bill that would, among other things, repeal the waiver, called the decision a mistake and a chilling commentary on the state of border affairs.

"That power in the hands of this administration is a very dangerous thing," Grijalva said. "It's always heavy-handed. There is no consultation, and there is no working toward consensus or compromise; it's my way or no way."
And one from the WTF department in the Sierra Vista Daily Herald:
Carmen Mercer, vice president of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, said she was happy to hear the news.

“Our ultimate goal is to secure the border with a fence,” she said. “I think it is awesome that Michael Chertoff has made that decision to keep on building it.”

She added the group would like to see the government build a “more stable” and “stronger” fence, but she noted “at least it’s a start.”

Mercer, who lives in Tombstone, said “the fence is an absolute must” because it will help “protect endangered alien women who are being raped in the desert and are being abused in the desert because they are used for trafficking and for sex and pornography.”
OK, Carmen, we know about the sad state of affairs for migrant women, we're with you on that, but explain to me how this wall will stop that? As if the smugglers won't just go around the wall? As if there aren't a thousand ways to get into this country that don't involve the most precious places such as the San Pedro River?

Nobody likes you, Mikey, except right-wing-lunatics.

The fence is an absolute disaster, plain and simple.


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be said...

the wall further drives the immigration of families underground into sketchier black-markets with riskier consequences and more likelihood that these women and children will be abandoned in the desert at the slightest sound.

it is absurd to suggest that further alienating the traffic of human beings from regulated immigration is a good idea under any pretense. the only option that avoids violence to these families and the ecology is to allow immigration in the light of day.

these people are delusional racists engaged in class warfare of the most grotesque of sorts.

on a lighter note --- i think they're probably running on their last breath... i tell myself that