Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Keeping our fingers crossed

Defenders of Wildlife and Sierra Club filed last week for a restraining order to stop the construction of the border fence. Today, we're waiting anxiously to see if this will work. Please, God, Goddess, Iitoi, and Judge Ellen Huvelle- show us the love!

The federal attorneys are full of it when they say halting the fence may cause greater harm.
"Enjoining the project now would increase the risk of an adverse erosion problem because it would prevent Customs and Border Protection from ensuring that the new road is properly contoured and some sort of aggregate base is put down," Page wrote. And he said a restraining order halting work would prevent the agency from filling and modifying a trench created by the construction, creating "a safety hazard for both wildlife and anyone who is walking in the area."
That couldn't possibly be what they intended by starting the project in advance of the end of the appeal period, could it?

- Lozen

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be said...

Judge halts fence construction !
a bit of more time is always good. keep your fingers crossed...