Friday, October 26, 2007

Michael Chertoff's abuse of power

Sigh. Zadig was right: my pleas were hopeless. The bulldozers are reportedly already back to work on the San Pedro River's border wall.

Look folks, we've got a serious imbalance of power in the Department of Homeland Security, with Michael Chertoff invoking waivers that undo all kinds of important laws (and not just environmental, we might add):
Hard to say which is worse: that an appointed official would make such an outrageous power grab or that he did it to advance a monumentally foolish and wasteful project that cries out to be stopped.
That bit is from a great editorial in the Baltimore Sun , calling out the top-down order of the current Administration. It's frightening, really. But, really, if this is Administration will torture people in secret prisons and break the Geneva Conventions, why did we bother hoping they would care about the San Pedro River? The border is just a new front in the "war on terror."

Blackwater has already set it sites on the border. We can expect a rise in immigrant deaths in the deserts as a result, and not from the heat.

- Lozen


Bill said...

Chertoff is a complete disaster for the SW, especially wildlife like jaguars. But at least we'll all be "safe" on his watch! ;-)

brianertz said...

don't fret too much -- the litigation accomplished the illustration of lawlessness that only contributes...

chertoff is is certainly a piece of work...