Thursday, November 15, 2007

Never the same river

Me again, posting about the San Pedro River and the horrors wrought by Homeland Security on this huge patch of heaven...

Here is the view from the banks of the mighty San Pedro as on November 14th. The wall is within a 1/4 mile of the water now, and the scraping, gaping maw of the construction equipment drowns out the sound of the hawks circling above the sacaton grasslands.

It didn't, however, silence the silence of an owl swooping along the river between the cottonwood trees. She watched us with the eyes of a very wise being. Wiser than the fools who think this wall will work.

- Lozen

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Ron said...

Refuge land traded for border fence

Buenos Aires to give up 5.8 acres; deal upsets environmental group

The USFWS Region 2, Regional Office staff could have most likely stopped or modified the section of the BANWR fence but chose to trade land instead. The work is progressing on this section of the fence and for a while, some of us thought there might be a chance for a modification of a vehicle barrier and increased surveillance. The BANWR fence will most likely be completed this week or soon after.