Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Europe is so much cooler than the U.S.

And here's at least one reason why: They are celebrating the opening of borders while we persist in delimiting ours with enormous steel walls.
The elimination of border posts and passports to travel between the countries of Europe is rightly seen as symbolic of the elimination of the old fears and hates that led to so many European wars over the centuries. It's difficult to harbor ancient suspicions about other peoples when just a few hours traveling takes a European from Italy to Norway without so much as a pause at a border.
Quite unlike border crossings between Sonora, Mexico and Arizona, where you have to sit in line for hours just to pass the "white check."

- Lozen


senior cafe said...

Good point, but the borders within Europe, now, would more accurately be compared to the borders between states in the U.S., and driving from Norway to Italy is like driving from Maryland to Miami. But the borders between Europe and Not-Europe are still pretty serious, and there are people waiting in lines and dying to get from, for example, Morocco to Spain, or Ukraine to Poland, etc...

Anonymous said...

I think Senior cafe is right on. Europe is opening its borders to countries that are culturally and economically similar, kind of. No opening to african countries, resisting opening to Turkey. Similarly, US has no intention to build a wall in the canadian border.