Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ya Basta Indeed!

The Apaches have a well-deserved reputation for being fearless, and here's the latest proof. The Department of Homeland Security had ordered them to surrender their lands "voluntarily" by January 7th or they would be seized; the Texas Apache community says, "HELL NO."
Margo Tamez, poet and scholar, said, "We are not a people of walls. It is against our culture to have walls. The Earth and the River go together. We must be with the river. We must be with this land. We were born for this land."
Meanwhile, Michael Chertoff has resumed demonstrating that he was born to be an evil bastard.
Homeland Security declared that it will use the principle of eminent domain to take possession of land currently held by private ownership. DHS has also presented waivers requesting that the landowners grant DHS personnel access to their property for a twelve-month period in order to conduct surveys for the intended construction project. The property owners were informed that if they do not voluntarily allow the federal agents on their property, the U.S. government will file a law suit so that DHS authorities can have unimpeded access to private land, despite the owners' opposition. DHS has stated that it will seize property even without the consent of landowners if necessary to complete the construction of the border fence.
Hey, I've got an idea: Smallpox!

- Lozen

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NPW Editor said...

The latest evidence that the federal government cannot be trusted and has completely turned its back on the Constitution, rule of law, and private property rights. This is the same federal government we trust to manage our national parks and public lands.