Monday, February 25, 2008

War is Peace

"Violence Against Border Agents Viewed As Sign of Success" (Forgive the freaky website this links to- but this headline is worth it.)

Only Michael Chertoff could interpret the increased violence along the U.S.-Mexico line as an indication that the border is becoming more secure. Some corporations- Boeing, for one- might view it as a successful payload, but only Michael Chertoff secures our homeland by provoking terror and increasingly violent counter-tactics instead of addressing the root causes of these issues.

Oh, wait. I guess that's something of a national strategy these days.

If you think this post is off-topic, think again. One-quarter of the 1,950 mile U.S.-Mexico border outlines public land, including national parks, forests, and wildlife refuges. The mentality of the person tasked with "securing" it is of utmost importance.

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begreen said...

this is so bullshit ~ pushing more activities underground is never good for security ~ think of all those women and children that will be exposed to sketchier and sketchier situations