Friday, March 07, 2008

It never crossed their mind that wolf-haters might become wolf-baiters?

Huh. High Country News today is covering a story today about the investigations into the unpleasant wolf-baiting incident in Catron County and the mysterious disappearance of two wolves and their radio collars.
“I don’t think we had ever considered before the possibility that somebody might actually lure the wolf to the point the wolves actually commit strikes,” [Spokesperson for the Fish and Wildlife Service] says. “We had not considered that people would do something underhanded in order to bring about a wolf being removed. Maybe that was just incredibly naive on our part.”
Ya think? The Catron County Lunatics have been intimating that they'd like to kill wolves for years- and all the better if they can set up the feds to do the dirty work. Mike Miller, who now denies previous statements about baiting a wolf to provoke her third strike, wasn't just stupid to admit this activity to a reporter- he was probably actually a little bit giddy to have achieved such success.

Furthermore, Miller might not be as stupid as he seems, since he might not end up being charged with anything:
The criminal investigations face significant challenges, according to a Fish and Wildlife source. In interviews with law enforcement officials, Miller reportedly denied making the statements attributed to him by HCN. Furthermore, according to the Interior Department, the fact that Miller branded cattle on private land within half a mile of a known wolf den does not in itself violate federal wolf reintroduction rules, which give ranchers wide leeway in how they operate even when wolves are nearby.
Don't they always give ranchers a ton of leeway? The whole wolf-recovery program in the southwest is designed to appease this special interest group.

Enough is enough. Or, as the wealthy permittee of the Adobe-Slash Ranch might better comprehend, ¡Ya basta!


Anonymous said...

I hope FWS opens its eyes to the Mafia run organizations like the livestock industry and Wildlife Services who would love nothing more than to bait predatory animals to 'get rid of them.'

It's a short sighted silly way to think of course, and is illegal and immoral.

By virtue of leaving livestock animals unattended, they are, in effect, "baiting" wild animals.

I sincerely hope that cattle ranching in the West will be a thing of the past sooner rather than later and rich millionaires like Simplot will be BOOTED off (with spurs!) OUR public lands.

Marion said...

Mafia run ranches?????? These are families you are trying to destroy with your insistance on planting wolves on them.
It takes hundreds or thousands of acres to run cows. Can you see your front and back yard at the same time??????? If not is that irresponsible of you? Do you ever go to bed at night, or stay awake making sure you can see both simultaneously?

demarcated landscapes said...

Dear Marion,

Your idea that these are family-run ranches and therefore worth protecting is very quaint. Plantation slavery was defended on the same basis. The family to which you refer in this case- the Mexican rancher- is one of the wealthiest people in Chihuahua and he maintains this ranch as a vacation property. Wouldn't it be great if he employed the same handful of folks to run a wildlife watching campground on his private land instead? Really, it would probably net more money!

Futhermore, it takes hundreds and thousands of acres to raise cows in the West because IT IS AN INAPPROPRIATE land use! In Georgia, it takes an acre per cow!

Sigh. I'm so tired of the same old myths about ranching.