Monday, June 23, 2008

Wolf Blogs

Ralph Maughan's Wildlife News does an unprecedented job of keeping tabs on the western environmental news, particularly as it pertains to wolves. We were glad to see that it picked up the story about the southwest wolf recovery poll and that this post of his has been very popular. We must say we were also pleased to see a link to us on there- very flattering!

Another website worth checking out if you are interested in southwestern wolves is this one: "Mexican Gray Wolf." Not a blog per se, but a good resource for regularly-updated information in the wolf recovery program.

The wolf issue is heating up as the summer progresses, and the ranchers sure didn't like those poll results. Check out this piece in the Arizona Republic. It's interesting that the author suggests that if the government simply started asking ranchers for help- i.e. eyes and ears on the ground- they would be happy to recover the wolves. Or that sort of seems to be what she's saying.
We don't know for sure whether wolves can co-exist in Arizona today. However, we believe that the $18 million in taxpayer money spent on the program would be better spent if it was utilized to recognize the values provided by these ranch families and make them a partner by providing them resources in exchange for their expertise and information about the area and the animals who roam in it.

They can help. They just haven't been allowed to partner, nor have they been approached with resources to create the necessary partnership.
Oh, we get it. The ranchers want MORE MONEY to let native wildlife live on public lands.

Such a deal!


Anonymous said...

It would save a bundle of taxpayer dollars on this program if the project simply stopped flying planes and helicopters to shoot wolves, and quit paying Wildlife Services personnel to trap them every time they kill three cows.

How much does it cost to fly two planes, with two guys in each, not to mention running two or three trucks on the ground for four consecutive days just to blast one hapless lobo with a high powered rifle?

demarcated landscapes said...

No kidding. It would also save a bundle of taxpayer dollars to simply buy-out the ranchers- reduce the wolf conflict, sure, but reduce the enormous debt that public lands livestock grazing incurs- economic and ecologic.

We're with you, Anon.

And the majority of voters in AZ and NM are with us on the buy-out. See that poll we mentioned a few days back.