Monday, July 21, 2008

Collaboration = Death

The Albuquerque Journal published a great op-ed today about the compromised recovery of the Mexican gray wolf, and the lies told by the Fish and Wildlife Service Southwest Regional Director Benjamin Tuggle in their pages a few days back. (Unfortunately, the Journal is subscription-only, but we'll paste some highlights below)
One runs a risk rejecting a call for a "reasonable compromise" issued by a public official inveighing against "polarized groups." But the endangered Mexican gray wolf has been compromised so many times, and consequently is so close to extinction, that we must scrutinize any proposed compromise.
Indeed, if there were ever a time to scrutinize compromise, the time is now. With imminent extinction on the table, who really feels the need to bend to the will of a marginal industry?
Having shot 11 Mexican wolves since reintroduction in 1998, trapped dozens more, and killed 18 accidentally as a result of capture, not to mention terminated development of an up-to-date Mexican wolf recovery plan, it is fair to say that the service's decision-making culture is still oriented toward predator control on behalf of the livestock industry.

The agency knows that suppressing the wolf population is leading to irreversible genetic deterioration. The government has shot a genetically irreplaceable wolf, months after he ceased depredating cattle and was observed feeding on an elk, and has not acted on scientists' urgent requests to adopt a protocol to save other genetically valuable animals.

Tuggle's solution is a multi-million dollar publicly-financed fund managed by and on behalf of the livestock industry, with no rules ensuring that even a single wolf otherwise to be targeted for removal might be spared.

That may constitute traditional Fish and Wildlife Service collaboration, but it will not recover the progeny of the last few survivors of its earlier cooperative agreements.

And thank you, Judge Molloy, for the injunction against the delisting decision on the northern gray wolves. We're so glad about that!

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Ron Kearns said...

B. Tuggle *phd* is the perfect personification of disingenuousness.