Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Awesome article on crows

The NYT has a great article on crows and their remarkable memories. Don't miss the video. It's so cool!
Crows and their relatives — among them ravens, magpies and jays — are renowned for their intelligence and for their ability to flourish in human-dominated landscapes. That ability may have to do with cross-species social skills. In the Seattle area, where rapid suburban growth has attracted a thriving crow population, researchers have found that the birds can recognize individual human faces.
Ravens, too, we'd bet.

Animals are awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Ravens are truly amazing birds. We always feel deprived when we're camping out in wild country until we hear the first croaks and cries of the ravens, or hear the "chuff, chuff" of their beating wings overhead.

For any readers who aren't already familiar with it, there's a wonderful book on ravens by Bernd Heinrich, entitled The Mind of the Raven. My husband and I heartily recommend it.