Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Long live the gray wolf!

The NY Times has this favorable editorial today: "Long Live the Gray Wolf!" It pertains to the decision to rescind the ill-conceived delisting proposal we wrote about last week and last spring as the story was unfolding.

The cool thing about the NYT editorial is that this victory is strongly attributed to Judge Molloy's smart injunction from the summer, and his analysis of the FWS's legal claims. It also emphasizes the importance of the Endangered Species Act in recovering species:
Judge Molloy has reminded us of one other thing. That is the importance of the Endangered Species Act, which the Bush administration has repeatedly tried to weaken. There have been few biological reintroductions as successful as the restoration of the gray wolf to the Rockies. The wolves would never have survived without the act’s legal shelter.
Don't you love ESA success stories?

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EcoRover said...

The sad thing is that wolves have been a tremendous ESA success story thus far, but the conclusion is in jeopardy so long as Idaho and -- worse yet -- Wyoming do not have to comply with sound scientific recovery/management criteria.

Democratic politicians have in general not been big supporters of the ESA and agencies such as the Fish & Wildlife Service, but at least they have not been ANTI-environmental like the Reagan and Bush II regimes.

Luckily, Bush II was not successful at replacing ALL the judges with right wing extremist whackos.