Friday, September 19, 2008

Mountain lion stuck at border wall

The photo evidence is piling up about the adverse effects this is having for wildlife.

Not that anyone on the border is actually surprised by this. But still, there is something painfully sad and shocking to see these images of a mountain lion, stuck alongside the Bush/Chertoff Monument to stupidity, on a NATIONAL WILDLIFE REFUGE.

So much for refuge, Puma.

UPDATE: Click on the photo for better visibility.

Also, in case you are wondering, these photos were taken on the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge. Keep in mind that the BANWR is (or was) one of the few known crossing points for jaguars.


Anonymous said...

poor kitty!

Anonymous said...

Many of us won't rest until all of these fascist walls are taken down on our precious border zone.

I cry for these animals- like the Cougar pictured, trapped and confused. The suffering and struggle of our desperate brothers and sisters in Mexico who are trying to provide for their impoverished families by entering our country cry out for justice.

Sin Fin.
bill addington
Guerra Farm & Ranch
Sierra Blanca, Texas

John in TX said...

If George Bush doesn't care about the people I guess he can't be expected to care about the animals... just politics, votes and money. History will not be kind to him-- unless it's translated into Orwellian doublespeak by the likes of Karl Rove. Perception unfortunately trumps reality with the likes of these. Thanks for the shot of reality, sad as it may be.

Anonymous said...

Who is the Jackass who chased down the cat with a vehicle to take these photos?

Demarcated Landscapes said...

Excellent question, anonymous. We agree that it was pretty intrusive. But, a few minutes of human interaction are nothing compared with the long-term effect of the border wall on entire populations of mountain lions.

natehphoto said...

as a avid wildlife photographer all i can say is that it is far more important that the world sees the plight of this animal than it would be to not document it.

These animals can not phone home or write there congressman, and a photograph is a valuable tool of teaching the public about our policy decisions and there effects.

the frustrating thing about the fence is those it intends to keep out will find ways to cross. but the daily residents will never have access to there full range again

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the puma will vote for in November.