Monday, December 08, 2008

Balance Nature... Eat a Fetus!

Well, we're more than a little bit surprised that the folks who usually oppose the reintroduction of native predators on public lands in the southwest have taken up.... uh.... population control?

We're with them on the "majestic wolves" part, but what's with the bloated veal?

Here's what we really don't get: How is it that people who raise animals for slaughter try to tug on the public's heartstrings when some native predator gets there first? Really, would you rather be eaten in some beautiful place or swung from some shackles until a stun gun gets you between the eyes, all the while surrounded by hundreds of shitting, bleeding, moaning brethren?

Give us the great outdoors and a quick crush of the jugular any day.


Anonymous said...

Obviously the sign is sarcastic in nature. The veal is a mother cow with a forced abortion caused by wolves. Both are Confirmed. I see a very big difference between torturing breeding range animals that subsist on green pasture for hours and hours before they finally die of shock and blood loss and terror and running animals that are grown specifically for human consumption purposes through a processing facility. One of the first is, those cows belong to someone. Someone who didn't choose to sell it or kill it or approve of the theft.

demarcated landscapes said...

Ah, well, we see the Wolf Crossing folks have weighed in, with their same incoherent ramblings that found their way to yard signs.

Those cows may belong to someone, but if they are on public land, that habitat belongs to all of us. The majority of us want to see that habitat used by native predators.

Anonymous said...

I’m not sure who wrote the first comment, but they made a good point and you’re the one rambling. ["If they're on public land."] --The cattle killed by wolves are on private land or leased land, which means the cattle owner paid to raise them there. You obviously haven't seen allot of wolf kills or any slaughterhouses. Cattle are killed before they are winched up. Its OK you just pretend you know what you’re talking about, like most wolf conservationist. And wolf kills are rarely a quick bite to the jugular either; pretty inaccurate statement on your part there. You wrote a good STORY just lacks facts. Try saying something that doesn’t make you sound like an uneducated vegan. You only discredit your side with inaccurate statements and foolish comments. One point the sign is making is that wolves love to eat fetuses, usually while the mother is still alive and suffering. You’re mistaken on who the majority is; the majority of us like to EAT BEEF. Just like the wolves. By the way- I have nothing to do with Wolf Crossing, and I don’t think we should kill all the wolves. But it is definitely time to begin managing the wolf population in the Northern States, and WE ARE in Montana and Idaho. The ecosystem isn’t the same as it was 200 years ago. Here’s a good site for animal conservationists.
After all elk are animals too.

Demarcated Landscapes said...

We let that comment through because we're amused that anyone thinks that the $1.35 per cow per month grazing fee constitutes the right to slaughter native predators.

Uneducated vegans? Doesn't exactly fit our description, but we'll go with it for now. The thing is: Liking beef is just fine (*unless you care about global warming, soils, vegetation, riparian areas, etc.*), but if you would like it only two percent less, all the public land in the 17 western states could be free from privately-owned livestock. That's a whole lot of land in which wolves could roam free of conflict. (If you need help calculating what two percent is, add up all the times you eat beef and divide by 100. Then multiply by 2.)

Elk are animals that evolved with predators, including wolves. They've survived a good long time with wolves- and let's not pretend we're 'saving' elk. We're 'saving' them for hunters to kill.

Frankly, Ms. Montana, your comments don't impress us much.

And by the way, MOST cattle are killed before they are winched up.

Anonymous said...

Where do you live? Your yard use to be wolf habitat. Maybe you should move somewhere else so you don't interfere with their natural habitat. We should probably move the White House too. And we should definitely introduce wolves to Central Park because they lived there too. For you to believe that the amount of prey today is enough to let wolf packs naturally grow and reproduce then your more uneducated than I first thought. 300 years ago wolves were the most important predator. God made them killers because elk and deer populations needed to be kept in check; they did a very good job of it. Well sorry but there's a lot more people and less animals today, unless you think they can survive off of peoples pets in Central Park. We need to manage the food chain or all the species suffer. Your comment about CATTLE CAUSING GLOBAL WARMING is HILARIOUS... We all know that 300 years ago BISON didn't fart. Come up with something that makes sense. And we’ve been managing cattle in Montana for almost 200 years and the SOIL still produces VEGITATION. Your comments are still foolish. I will be the first to admit that in the past we made allot of mistakes managing the land, (pesticides, fertilizers, over logging, ext.), but today our state wild life management does allot more research and understands the complexities of today’s ecosystem. We successfully manage OUR land. Our authorities are much more educated than a bunch of city slickers. And If I ate 2% less beef then I’m going to eat 2% more elk. Look in nature- the animals that eat vegetables and MEAT are smarter, same in humans apparently. You know those teeth in your mouth that are sharp, not as sharp as a wolf’s but they are made to eat meat. I’m not really worried if I impress you because you don’t really understand what your talking about while the vegetables that you eat are growing on land that was stolen from your precious wolf- and the house you live in is on wolf territory. The car that you drive causes global warming yet you blame it on cows, most of the electricity your using for your computer was created by fossil fuel. I was wrong…. You’re an UNEDUCATED HYPOCRITICLE VEGAN.

Anonymous said...

Why just the 17 western states. Didn't wolves live in most of the states? Why don't you think they should get to live in the Eastern states? Its only fair.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you post my last one. Couldn't you come up with a come back for the Bison fart comment. Just giving you guys hell. I could probably argue your side for you if you want. There are about 95 million head of cattle in the U.S.A. Buffalo herds were only estimated at 30-75 million at their strongest, but that of course is only someone’s guess. (not mine) But then I would bring up the number of other big game that there use to be more of and really we would find out that we replaced farting elk deer and Bison, with farting beef(UN report says 18% of green house gasses come from cow poop and farts. If it wasn't cows then it would be other animals right, you know I'm right.) But we were talking about wolves- I'm really somewhere in the middle of this debate. I just love nature, and arguing. The only right answer is really somewhere in the middle- cause that’s where I'm at and I'm always right. JOKES! I don't think wolves really lived where Disney Land is like I said they did- so you can call me uneducated.- JUST POST IT. it'll be fun.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think that you represent the majority of the people in the states that wolves are being re-introduced into? You might be.. you got evidence one way or the other?

GrayWolf said...

Anonymous said...

So are you the majority?

Anonymous said...

Hey-Demarcated Landscapes I'm asking you if you really think your the majority in the states that wolves are being reintroduced into. I guess you don't know or are not willing to answer the question? I'm not asking what New Yorkers or hippis from Portland Oregon want. If they were so much for wolf conservation then they would ask to have them REintroduced into their back yard. If they are asking, I garuntee they will change their mind when they encouter the harsh reality that no one seems to tell them, or they won't listen to. Your just as screwed up as they are. "17 Western states", what about the other 20 or 25 states that wolves use to live in. If you want wolves fine put them where you live if thats what people want. We don't want them. I think you were asked where you were from and you didn't answer that question either.

Demarcated Landscapes said...

Dearest Anon,

Shall we resume our correspondence then? We're not scared of answering your questions, just busy.

The majority of Arizonans and New Mexicans want wolves:

The majority of Americans support the Endangered Species Act, which requires the recovery of imperiled species. Wolves are one of the species that the federal government- with our blessing- is striving to bring back from extinction.

The 17 western states to which we refer are those with public lands livestock grazing. Hence the demarcation in our comments above.

We live in one of the states where wolves have been reintroduced. We have visited- hiked and camped- in some of the others. But this isn't a pissing contest. It's a blog post. If we did live in New York or Portland, we'd have just as much right to want the wolves back- that's how public land management works.