Monday, March 02, 2009

They "euthanized" Macho B

A collared jaguar from southern Arizona that was recaptured today for medical intervention has been euthanized after veterinarians determined the cat was in severe and unrecoverable kidney failure.
Via Kold 13 News. Was it the sedative they gave him to get that fucking collar on him? Was it the stress of capture, the stress of the snare? It's just too much of a coincidence to think that it is unrelated to the ill-conceived collaring.

(UPDATE: We've changed our post title at the suggestion of someone on another blog who said that "killed" suggests too much malevolence. OK, point taken. Most of the folks working on the jaguar recovery team are probably really sad about this. But they can't pretend like it wasn't always a possibility that he would die during this- they've all known it was a risk but decided to do it anyway.)


demarcatedlandscapes said...

A few years ago, when AZ Game and Fish Department proposed collaring this critter, the outcry was sufficient to stop it. One of the people heavily involved in the jaguar research had already been present at a jaguar death during capture, and given that Macho B was one of only 4 known to be venturing this far north, the risk was considered too great to chance his death. Two weeks ago, the AZGFD "accidentally" caught Macho B in a snare, threw that collar on him, and now he's dead.

We're sure there are some very good people working in the wildlife management agencies who are very sad about all of this, but really, folks: Do we need to manage everything to death?

Demarcated Landscapes said...

Correction: They killed 2 out of 3 jaguars ever caught in Sonora:
And, apparently the outcry didn't stop it- and this was their chance.

Anonymous said...

But a staff member of the Borderland Jaguar Detection Project, a group working with the department on jaguar conservation, said in an e-mail message on Friday that her boss — Emil McCain, the biologist working as a consultant for the department — in early February instructed her to place female jaguar scat within six feet of the leg-hold trap. The scat had been used several times to attract Macho B to come within camera range.

This same Emil McCain has made a living photographing and tracking said animal. Wonder why he wanted to "accidentally" tag one?

Visit his site and read his explanation for this "unfortunate" situation. No where does he indicate he was involved.

Demarcated Landscapes said...

Please see our most recent posts regarding the baiting story. Also, what do you mean when you refer to "his site?" We aren't aware of a site that McCain maintains, but if you are, please post that here.