Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Mashup on Macho B

Discover Magazine online is working with a new format: the mashup. They skim the news and cite from other sources to create compelling aggregates of interesting science news. (How does this differ from a blog?)

Here, they mashup the story of Macho B. From the questions surrounding the circumstance surrounding his capture to his health prior being put down, to the new federal investigation into the whole boondoggle, the mashup pretty much has it all.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has this statement up on its website:
The circumstances surrounding the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s work with the Macho B jaguar are under federal investigation. We welcome the investigation and will fully cooperate with it. We will not speculate on its outcome. In the event this investigation reveals any inappropriate conduct or actions, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission and Department will take appropriate measures. The Department and Commission did not authorize or condone intentional initial capture of this jaguar.
Notice, however, that they aren't saying that they didn't know about it.

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