Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More about the folks who captured Macho B

Yesterday, we briefly posted an article that ran in the Arizona Daily Star last weekend that was about Emil McCain, one of the researchers involved in the likely baiting of Macho B that led to the bungled capture and euthanasia. The gist was:
The biologist at the center of the controversy over the capture of a jaguar in Southern Arizona once was fired from a wildlife research job after being cited for hunting with another person's license.
McCain was only 23 at the time, and hey, we all make mistakes. We're not sure how relevant this old violation is, except to paint a picture of McCain that may or may not help the investigation.

So, upon further reflection, we took our post back down. For one, we started thinking about mistakes we made when we were 23 and wouldn't want anyone to use them against us now! (Oh, but what fun!) For another, it seemed to us that focusing on McCain's character is a convenient scapegoating for the agencies which appear to have known about, authorized, and maybe even participated in the baiting. To say simply that McCain is, "at the center of the controversy," really neglects that there are a lot of people standing right there with him. We're looking at you, Arizona Game and Fish Department.

Moreover, McCain was not involved in the capture, collaring, sedating, or euthanasia decisions; AZGFD was. We'll bet that some of the AZGFD employees have some skeletons in their closets too- and those employees' youthful indiscretions are about as relevant.

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