Saturday, August 29, 2009

Middle Fork lobos: Happy news from a 3-legged pack

(Photo USFWS)

The Middle Fork pack of Mexican wolves is an unlikely success story because the alphas have each lost a leg to traps. Ma and Pa Three Legs have managed to rear four pups this year despite the obvious hardships. They are already rearing one from last year. Isn't that awesome? They deserve all the chances they can get to survive- their strength and tenacity can only improve the genetic fitness of this recovering species.


Anonymous said...

It would help a lot of the home range of this pack weren't overstocked with cattle and if half the stock tanks weren't bone dry.

Forage in much of the local area is hammered, and numerous cows have died from non-wolf causes, leaving untreated carcasses on the landscape, acting as an attractant to these "lobos with (human-caused) disabilities."

When will the public get the message about out-of-control grazing on our national forests? Oh, yeah. Putting a stop to trapping in the recovery area would help, too, though it's too late for this particular pair.

Demarcated Landscapes said...

So true, Anonymous, so true.

"This spring, the Center for Biological Diversity documented sixteen dead cattle, none of them with any signs of wolf predation, within a few miles of the Middle Fork’s den site." Sixteen dead cows in one spot sounds like egregious mismanagement to us.

dobegrama said...

I'm for the wolves! Every dead cow - last count 16 - isn't a wolf kill. They kill and eat then leave. They don't go on killing rampages. The ranchers are usnig the wolves as an excuse for their own failur to care for their livestock. Sounds like they aren't even providing water and they're over grazing the area. Are these people paying to use our public land? Obviously not enough 'cuz they don't respect the land or nature. Time for a change here and definitely leave the wolves alone. The person who set the traps should have their own arm or leg put in a trap to see how it feels.