Monday, November 02, 2009

The Middle Fork Pack: There are no problem wolves, only problem allotments.

(Photos USFWS)

These are photos of the tenacious Middle Fork Pack of Mexican gray wolves. These three-legged alphas have- against all odds- successfully raised pups this year. This despite serious issues in their home range.

Thanks to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for letting them stay wild.


Anonymous said...

Returned just a couple of days ago from Middle Fork territory. We found big wolf tracks running for about three-quarters of a mile along a little forest road. Apparently they didn't belong to one of the three-legged alphas--possibly to a yearling with four legs, as each front track appeared to be paired with a rear track, often partially double-registered.

The second morning out, there were fresh tracks within 200 yards of our camp. Oh, yeah. We all lived to tell the tale. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see our night visitor.

DL said...

How awesome!

We can't believe those wolves didn't try to eat you. You must not have had any schoolchildren with you! ;)

Do you have any photos? Send them to demarcatedlandscapes(at) and we'll post them. This is very exciting!