Wednesday, December 02, 2009

If it walks like a duck....

Is it any wonder that Ken Salazar's Fish and Wildlife agency declined to list the prairie dog as an endangered species?
Regarded by most farmers and ranchers as a nuisance, the animals are considered a keystone species among biologists.
Exhibit A:

Doesn't quite look like a biologist, does he? Hmmm....

The NY Times today ran a bit about Salazar's "cautious" approach. Cautious, our ass. He's a industry hack.
Daniel R. Patterson, an Arizona state representative and a former employee in the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management, said that he has been disappointed but not surprised by Mr. Salazar’s record so far. He said that as Colorado’s natural resources director, in the Senate and now at Interior, Mr. Salazar had been consistently friendly to energy, mining and agricultural interests, sometimes at the expense of the environment.
At the expense of wolves, prairie dogs, polar bears...

Take 'em to court, WildEarth Guardians.

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Anonymous said...

That photo of Salazar is so infuriating, I can barely stand to look at it. I was never a big fan of Obama, but I'm not sure that any other Democrat would have made much better appointments to head the Interior and Ag Departments.

The party seems to be wedded to the idea that they have to put "moderate" Midwestern and Western Dems in those positions in order to win Western states. Maybe so, but it sure makes it tough for conservationists to get enthusiastic about donating money or time to Obama's re-election campaign.

The Dems always seem to take us for granted, just as they take women and African American voters for granted. Given the state of the opposing party, they probably have little to fear from defectors.