Monday, May 03, 2010

Offshore oil comes home to the roosts

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If you're like us, the news reports of fishermen in the Gulf Coast losing their livelihoods is a nauseating afterthought to the untold creatures losing their lives because of the BP oil disaster. It isn't that we don't care about people- we do- but we care more about the plants and animals who have no choice but to live in the toxic environment we've created.

Oh, sure, we understand... the economy... seafood industry... business... loss of income... blah, blah, fucking blah. We deserve nothing less than complete desperate economic collapse- BECAUSE WE'RE IDIOTS. Why do we think that access to cheap oil to go to the drive-thru and eat cheap beef wrapped in cheap plastic is a God-given right? Why don't we extend any rights to the critters who ask only to lay their eggs in unspoiled rooks, who ask only to swim and surface and breathe?

If you believe that we couldn't have foreseen this type of disaster, you're a fool. And if you think that the environment is somehow an post-script to your right to make a living, you're missing the point. Those of us lucky enough to not be covered in oil right now are nonetheless bathed in the oil-polluted air under the carbon-overloaded atmosphere. We're in a slow-motion oil spill here on planet earth.

And who will be left to wash our feathers, feed us, and do everything in their power to keep us alive? If we don't start collectively resisting and dismantling the system that is killing our planet- our one and only home- we shouldn't expect salvation. We need to save ourselves and our non-human neighbors.

Starting yesterday.

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Jamie Archer said...

Wow, it couldn't have been said any better...