Sunday, June 20, 2010

No, life isn't fair, but this really sucks

While Emil McCain, large cat killer, got off to Spain with a tiny little slap on the wrist, it looks like Janay Brun, the only honest person in the bunch, is about to get really screwed by the system.

Apparently, she's been charged not only with violating the Endangered Species Act, but also with conspiracy. That's pretty heavy. Apparently, McCain's plea bargain and whatever Thorry Smith got away with didn't include this juicy bit of criminal activity, even though they are the two that lied, covered it up, and conspired for over a year to keep their screw-ups secret. Brun, on the other hand, fessed up right away, leading to the investigation that is now resulting in criminal charges against her.

This is a broken system.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department has yet to feel the sting of any federal spankings for their role in all of this. Indeed, they've just been re-awarded a "take" permit for jaguars and ocelots despite the complete rarity and preciousness of these critters in the state. We wouldn't trust the AGFD to babysit our houseplants, let alone give them permits to kill endangered species. WTF, USFWS?

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Anonymous said...

I've smelled a lot of agency stench over the years, but this stinking cesspool is in a class by itself.