Friday, July 02, 2010

Mexican Wolf Alpha Male killed in Arizona

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These mo&*#$*@ckers who keep killing wolves really piss us off.
The body of an adult male wolf was found June 18 and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials say it died from a gunshot wound.

It was an alpha male in the Hawks Nest Pack that traditionally uses the area east of Big Lake on the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest as their spring-summer breeding territory, located west of the Arizona-New Mexico border.
The killers are criminals, violating the Endangered Species Act and depriving our landscapes from the ecological-balance that predators bring. They are also depriving our children of the chance to see Mexican gray wolves in the wild, and they are costing taxpayers millions of dollars by sabotaging the recovery program.

The federal government needs to step in and begin catching and prosecuting these criminals. They also need to step up releases of captive animals, sending a clear message to the criminals that they will not succeed in eliminating wild wolves in Arizona and New Mexico.

According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
The Hawks Nest Pack was one of the first wolf packs to be released into Arizona and is well known for its ability to coexist with livestock grazing within its territory. Living in close proximity to actively grazed allotments on the Forests, this pack has a proven record of avoiding domestic livestock in favor of native prey animals like elk and deer. Research indicates that hunting behaviors within individual wolf packs are passed on to successive generations. The ability of this wolf pack to thrive and fit into an area of diverse land uses (including livestock grazing, camping, hunting, wood cutting and other forest activities) without most people even knowing that they are present in this portion of the White Mountains of Arizona makes the killing of AM 1044 all the more regrettable.
Not that livestock predation makes it acceptable to kill wolves, mind you- unless you are Wildlife Services (Ahem)- but the cowboy complaint about wolves and livestock being unable to coexist has not been borne out in this particular home range, making this just another mean-spirited crime against Nature.
If you know anything about this, please see the information about the $50,000 reward.

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Anonymous said...

Not only has Hawk's Nest AM1044 fallen to a criminal's bullet, but another alpha male, San Mateo AM1114 has been found dead under "suspicous circumstances" in New Mexico. A third alpha male, AM795 of the Paradise pack in AZ, has been missing since mid-April, and is now listed as "fate unknown." Finally, a single female wolf, F1154, turned up dead in New Mexico.

Even in the face of all these losses to an already declining population, the AZGFD has been throwing roadblocks in the way of the release of a pack of eight wolves currently languishing at the Sevilleta pre-release facility. Don't the bigwigs at AZGFD want the lobo to recover?