Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Songs by Tim Lengerich, A Voice for the Land

We're especially fans of "Mother Nature's Face" and "Out there, Anywhere, All the Time," but they are all pretty great, authentic expressions of loving the natural world. A keen observer, a passionate activist.


UPDATED 9/5 TO ADD: We were also very sorry, very sorry to learn last week of Tim's passing. We have been comforted to know that he died in the place that he loved, doing his favorite thing. We should all be so lucky.

We should also all be so fearless, outspoken, creative, exuberant, outraged, and unstoppable in our vocal and active opposition to the destruction of our public lands. Those of you who knew and will miss Tim: do something in his memory to restore the federal lands for wildlife. We let Tim do it for long enough. It's time we all start writing letters to the Cow-anado National Forest, to the Bureau of Livestock and Mining, to the powers that be.


Guy R. McPherson said...

Great, heartfelt, compelling music. Thanks for sharing here and on Facebook.

Griz said...

I'm very sad to learn today of the death of Tim Lengerich. We never met face to face but communicated often over email. He was not only an inspirational singer-songwriter but also a strong advocate for environmental protection. He will be missed by many.

Anonymous said...

We went to Manchester College, IN with Tim and were very sad to hear of his passing. Very strong, intelligent, with a sense of humor and LOVE of nature - He will be greatly missed by his family and friends. Until recently we didn't realize the talent he had for writing and singing - love the music he made (it will last forever along with the memories). He will always be known as Pierre to us. May he rest in peace in the presence of our Lord and Savior. Becky and Kirk Sorg

Joanne said...

I was shocked. I knew Tim. We were next-door neighbors in the early nineties when we learned of our similar outlooks regarding the natural world and the destruction of it by cows, ranchers, and the forest disservice. People who speak the truth and don't mince words, like Ed Abbey, George Carlin, and Tim, are too few and far between. We can't afford to lose them. Neither can Mother Earth.

Dana echohawk said...

I'm shocked....you loose track of friends and then find it's too late to talk again, to give back, to catch up with how life has twirled us round and round about, dropping us too far away to say a final good-bye. His voice, and his work remains....that's a comfort.