Friday, October 08, 2010

Is the Arizona Game and Fish Department in control of the Mexican gray wolf recovery program?

Come on, Fish and Wildlife Service, who's your daddy?

It's the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the agency apparently now setting the policy for the wolf recovery program. (And really, they're just a puppet for the cowboys, but let's leave it with the agencies today, shall we?)

First, AGFD mucked around in Mexico and delayed releases in that sovereign nation.

And now, AGFD has screwed up any possibility of improving the genetic fitness of the wild wolf population in 2010, by convincing the feds to hold back on releasing a wolf pack which has been ready to go since summer.
Fish and Wildlife says it decided to step back and assess concerns raised about the program.

The endangered species coordinator for Arizona Game and Fish, Terry Johnson, says there's a need to get more wolves in the wild, but it has to be done in a way to ensure their best chance of success. (Via.)
Psstt.... Dr. Tuggle.... Not listening to Terry Johnson would be a good start. The US Fish and Wildlife agency's "partners" are sabotaging the last chance of recovery for this critically-imperiled species. Time to ditch those bastards.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds strangely similar to the recovery of the jaguar - seems like the anti-predator agenda is finding at least one good ally in AZGFD: Terry Johnson.

Anonymous said...

What's really frustrating is that the Fish and Wildlife Service's Regional Director Tuggle is enabling AZGFD's bad behavior.