Friday, January 28, 2011

Wolf Extinction Legislation Update

Two terrible bills have been introduced in the House of Representatives.
1. Will exempt all gray wolves (Canis lupus) from protection of the Endangered Species Act.

2. Will exempt the Northern Rockies populations of wolves from the Endangered Species Act.
Let us be clear: the move to "exempt" an endangered species from Endangered Species Act protection is simply the opening salvo in a coordinated attack on the Act itself.

Let us continue to be clear: "Exempting" wolves from ESA protections will surely doom them to local extirpations (Idaho and Montana have their bullets loaded) and extinction (there are mas o menos four dozen Mexican wolves left in the wild).

Tester's reelection strategy is clear: "The first step in expanding state discretion is granting a conservation hunt of gray wolves to restore the full range of tools to manage this species." Sounds a lot like having to kill the wolf to save the wolf, doesn't it?

Or maybe just kill the wolf.

Yeah. We get it.

Call your Senator and ask him/her to maintain the integrity of the ESA, disallow exemptions, and let science determine management.


Richard Kerry II said...

Folks, I'm glad to be onboard with you, as a follower. Mind if I past and copy this article and put it on one of my upcoming blogs? Cybercandor is really passionate about all creatures great and small, most especially the so-called predators (which is ironic, considering how it's the likes of the Fish and Gam agencies that thrive on predation, and mostly fueled by ranching interests. Go figure.



Demarcated Landscapes said...

Go for it. We're flattered. Just be sure to link to us, OK?