Monday, April 11, 2011

Senator Tester Screws Wolves: Career-ending Miscalculation

Not sure who Senator Tester thought was going to re-elect him after his ESA-gutting budget rider, and not sure why the Dems let him go ahead with this strategy, but one thing is certain: If the Senate stands by and lets it happen, we will have failed as a country to have protected both an endangered species and the Endangered Species Act.
Tester, a Democrat who faces a tough reelection battle, raises money from conservationists in Seattle but has allied himself with home state livestock interests eager to reduce growing wolf populations in the Big Sky State.
Psstt... Senator Tester.... you might want to strike those "(206)" numbers from your Rolodex. Might be a little awkward to call them EVER AGAIN.


Jean Ossorio said...

One also has to wonder what the President was thinking when he apparently agreed to this strategy.

Chris Harbin said...

He wasn't.

Anonymous said...

As a Montana resident I am much more likely to vote for him now than I was before. I appreciate the fact the my, I repeat my, representation listened to what I wanted as a resident of the state and acted accordingly.

Demarcated Landscapes said...

Dear Anon,
Your state representation should not trump federal law. The ESA has broad support and more people than just Montanans are affected by the existence of wolves. What Tester did is reprehensible.

Matthew Koehler said...

Just a real shame that Senator Tester can attach a rider to a budget bill removing northern Rockies wolves from the ESA...and can introduce a bill in Congress to mandate logging on our national forests and release Wilderness Study areas protected in the 70s by Senator Lee Metcalf (MT), while also making some WSA's into permanent motorized recreation playgrounds...and can introduce a bill to amend the Toxic Substances Control Act to permanently exempt lead bullets, shot and fishing tackle from regulation....can pass legislation allowing guns in America's national parks....

But then LCV and the head of TWS host a reception in support of Senator Tester to raise tens of thousands of dollars for his campaign. And yet we wonder why our movement, and our issues, continue to struggle.


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