Thursday, July 14, 2011

Arizona Maim and Squish Department persists in cruel and unusual entertainment

Sick. We follow Arizona Game and Fish Department on Facebook, but today they posted this announcement:
We're looking for some help for this upcoming camp. We need a few folks that can call in coyotes for this youth varmint hunting camp. If you can call, contact the folks at Youth Outdoors Unlimited, they do great stuff for passing on the hunting tradition.
The hunting tradition, indeed. That tradition of wantonly killing predators. That tradition of calling native wildlife "varmints" because they don't serve a (direct) purpose for humans, i.e. they can't be eaten or made into coats.

We suggest you do contact the folks at Youth Outdoors Unlimited, and their friends Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Arizona Game and Fish Department, and tell them all about how cruel and disgusting you find their traditions.

That is, after you're done being sick to your stomach.

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Anonymous said...

Wohoo! Way to go Arizona Game and Fish Department! And also all of them other hunting groups, and the individual hunters! High five! Two thumbs up! Keep up the great work! Love what you do (Seriously)! If I'm making fun of someone, it's this tree-hugger that posted this!