Monday, July 25, 2011

The Good, the Bad, and the Fugly

The Good: Once again, Congressman Grijalva tells it like it is.

His honest comments about future generations, the environment, and the Repugnanticans pandering to economic interests is like a light in the darkness that is Congress these days. In the speech linked above, he mostly focuses on the Grand Canyon uranium mining rider as a specific example (and it's a good one), but he also provides a general list of the ridiculous Appropriations amendments that the GOP has tacked on.

The Bad
: what he said. And more.

The Fugly: Representative Steve Pearce (NM). The guy is a complete dumbass. His rider defunds the Mexican gray wolf recovery based on the shaky claims:
In 1998 the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), acting under authority granted to them by the Endangered Species Act, began implementing a plan to reintroduce Mexican Gray Wolves in southwestern New Mexico and southeastern Arizona. The goal of the program was to establish a population of 100 wolves by 2006. After thirteen years, the reintroduction program is clearly failing with only 50 wolves reintroduced into the wild. Wolf populations are still struggling significantly, and the USFWS has been unable to foster significant growth among the population. It is irresponsible to continue spending money on programs that continue to underperform, and this is one of them.
What Pearce fails to admit is that the program has worked- it's saved a unique, amazing, and magnificent species from extinction.

Sure, it could be better. Killing and removing wolves for being wolves hasn't helped. And who does this, you ask? Well, none other than the captured agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, who have "removed" (lethally or permanently) approximately 60 wolves from the wild for eating cows. Cows that are displacing the native prey species, mind you. Cows whose owners are paying $1.35 a month per cow to eat ~1000 lbs of wildflowers, crap in the creek, and cause soil erosion. Such a deal!

So, Mr. Pearce, while you hold up the budget reconciliation project with your nonsense about programs losing money, we hold our noses at the stinking mess your cowboy buddies have made of our springs, seeps, and rivers, all the while losing MILLIONS EACH YEAR of taxpayer dollars.

Talk about an underperforming program!

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Anonymous said...

I seriously hope people are paying attention. The differences between the two parties are so stark it is clear that Republoman is incapable of governing....They repel facts, are impervious to reason, resists compromise....I guess the special order toupee with the brain in itmustbe on backorder for Congressman Pearce....What a fool