Friday, July 29, 2011

Screwing Mexican wolves: Pearce's grand plan

Representative Steve Pearce (R-NM) intends to introduce a rider on the current Interior Appropriations Bill that would defund the Mexican gray wolf recovery program. What an ass! This, despite evidence that the majority of voters in New Mexico support wolf recovery!

The program, which has limped along despite major setbacks in the form of anti-wolf policy and livestock-industry directives, has recently been doing pretty well for itself. The wolves themselves are doing swimmingly, despite major fires in their home ranges and a lack of new releases of potential mates in the recovery area.

This is the most endangered mammal in the United States. Defunding their recovery program will doom them to extinction.

Please go to this website and take action. This will be heard on the House floor as early as tomorrow (July 30) and Congress needs to hear from all of us.

It's true, there are lots of crappy riders.

The sweetheart deal for the sheep industry, introduced by Idaho's Mike Simpson, is also ridiculously egregious, especially in a Congress that isn't supposed to allow for earmarks. (Repubs, always there to be hypocrites...)


Anonymous said...

Maybe we need sanity hearings for Congress critters---like the ones for criminal defendants. Oh, wait. Some of them should BE criminal defendants.

Roxane said...

Thanks for this post. Pearce apparently doesn't care one bit what most New Mexico folks want and I hope the voters are noticing.