Monday, March 21, 2011

The Crown of No Compromise

An opinion piece in today's LA Times pulled us out of our long winter's nap of blogging. It discusses the recent settlement between "conservation groups" and the US Fish and Wildlife Service to delist wolves. More about the deal has been written here and here and here.

Long story short: the Big Greens decided it would be better to deal with the devil directly than try to fight the Tester bill. And by "dealing with the devil," we mean allow a political agenda to trump the science and cede an important legal victory.

But back to what the LA Times had to say about the insufficiency of the settlement agreement:
The bigger win, if you can call it that, is that the agreement would stave off any legislation, which would be a terrible precedent for turning the science of the Endangered Species Act into a political football over each species.
EXCEPT (and this is a big except) IT MAY NOT STAVE OFF THE LEGISLATION. The settlement contains no promises, just some whispered intimations that someone will talk to someone and the Tester bill will be pulled. The bets are being hedged on a handshake deal.

But if anyone is surprised by the folks making political calculations, you shouldn't be. The "No Compromise" torch has already been passed, with the runners of the first leg having long since ordered their Starbucks and sped away in their Priuses, talking all the while on their iPhones that ring with the howls of imperiled wolves.