Monday, January 16, 2012

In which we publicly thank the Arizona Game and Fish Commission

Dear Arizona Game and Fish Commissioners,

Thank you for coming to your senses and backing off the ridiculous policy of opposing all new releases of Mexican gray wolves until the recovery plan is complete. When you approved that in December, you looked like idiots. Now, however, you look more like rational human beings. Congratulations. We know it can't be easy to unanimously do something that's actually good for the environment and wildlife, what, with the composition of the Commission and all. (Nice hat!)

But, thanks. Replacing wolves lost to natural or illegal causes is the only way to de-incentivize the bad behavior of the wolf killers. We personally think it should be a 3-to-1 replacement rate to de-incentivize it even more, and we'd like you to consider 'evolving' your position even further.

We're so glad that the new year brought an about-face on this issue.


The Landscapes

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Anonymous said...

How about making replacement retroactive? Add up all the lobos lost while the pack at Sevilleta has been patiently waiting for release, and I think you'll find it comes out about even.