Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day for Voyeurs

Of all the kinky things to do today, why not take a peek at this Wolf Cam and check out what this breeding pair of red wolves is up to at the Wolf Conservation Center? (scroll down)

A recent post from WCC identified ways to do it "wolfy style."
Great ways to show your love ...

* nuzzling
* "prancing"
* wrestling
* parallel walking
* mounting
* rear sniffing
* tandem urination - this is true romance!
Thanks, but we'd rather send a donation to show our affection.


Anonymous said...

Nuzzling? Prancing? Wrestling? Parallel walking? Well, why not? (Sounds a little like a new dance craze.)

Rear sniffing? Tandem urination? I think I'll pass.

Seriously, these folks at WCC do good work breeding endangered red wolves and Mexican gray wolves. Now if we could just get USFWS to release more of those Mexican grays into the wild.... ^..^

Anonymous said...

We do try, when and where it is safe. A tough call now that the feds have delisted wolves in areas where they are not native, and the areas where they are native they are now been decimated by rancher/trappers and Forestry employees.

All the kerfuffle about what is native fascinates me. How many of us are native by these standards? I fear the Indians will send us back where our ancestors came from. And I don't want to live by the North Sea.

Where did this courtship thing come from? I've been a member of WCC for years and I do not recall anything worded quite that crudely. The members and staff I know do have some respect for the dignity of our wolves.